What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and should you be concerned

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AI is currently everywhere, almost omnipresent, from TV news to social media, but what actually is it?

Machine intelligence or AI, effectively emulates a human response to a problem,  by learning or solving a problem.

As AI becomes more common place and more available to accomplish previously difficult tasks the lines blur on AI definition.

Will AI takeover the world?

A surprising number number of systems already run AI, from aviation, automobiles, computing (Obviously), banking, & consumer electronics.

A rising of the machines is predicted by many well educated & respected luminaries who postulate on dystopian outcomes for mankind.

While writing this blog, the SEO plugin made suggestions to the content, one of which was Flesch reading ease, it suggested  a cut down on the paragraph sizes, thus making the content easier to read? Who for? Search engines or humans? It really struck a chord with me of how we might be allowing ourselves to be controlled, or at least dumbed down.

How far will AI reach?

Job security is a human concern and AI is already impacting these numbers, perhaps also due to commercial profits and capitalism which is also a big driver in machine intelligence the human workforce will be reduced significantly.

Robotics are also peaking at this junction in time, will there be a time in the near future where data recovery will be carried out by robotic AI driven engineers? Or perhaps a new operating system based on AI will ‘self heal’ hard drives from a physical and logical perspective?

It is true that disks already manage bad blocks and move them, however the OS can not self repair the OS or learn this function at present.

For the intermediate time DR engineers, along with many other engineers and positions will be safe.

Beyond 2030-2035.

Within the next 10-20 years though it is safe to say that AI’s rise will be huge, one can envisage a time when AI and robotics will have rights.






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