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Tape Data Recovery

If you have a tape drive which has failed our lab has solutions to put you back in touch with your lost data, here are a few scenarios or failures you may suffered from;

  • Overwritten headers or meta data
  • Broken or physically snapped tapes
  • Water or fire damage
  • Not loading cartridge
  • Deleted or malicious damage to tape drive
  • Formatted tape

Tape storage is an ideal long term storage solution to archive data such as email be that .ost or .pst format or Microsoft Exchange data .edb, in fact any form of long term storage or archival for long term usage can be stored with tape drive media and if stored correctly can be stored for long periods.

Obsolete media can also cause issues if you need to gain access to data which has been in long term storage and you do not have access to the tape drive any longer, we may be able to help.