Data recovery prices

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Have you lost data? An now are in the position of searching the internet for a data recovery company?

Perhaps you have seen Google Adwords where you have seen prices ‘from’ £79?!

These prices are data recovery scams, intended to hook clients in with a low bait & switch tactic, please do not fall for them.

Once your media is in the scam companies hands, the fee will change significantly, fees over£1000 are not unheard of.

Very few companies will explain the process of data retrieval clearly, so here is the professional and honest explanation.

A physically damaged hard dive will require a temporary repair, located in the states components come at a cost.

Head stack assembly components can cost more than any ‘quotation’ you have been given by a competitor.

Clean room time, this is the engineers time required to remove and repair defective components.

Further to this there can be firmware and logical resources required to complete the data recovery case.

In short, when researching data recovery prices, please check and ask all companies the following;


  • Give proof they charge £79
  • Does the quote included donor parts
  • Is clean room & firmware repair covered
  • Do they charge for opened hard drives

Online reviews can also be very helpful in searching for a data recovery company, as often times a pattern of reviews will indicate dishonest pricing schemes.

Please call & speak with an engineer who will be pleased to assist you further with questions you may have.








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