RAID 5 Data Recovery

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RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) offers a virtualization storage of multiple physical hard drives or disks into a single logical unit with the intention of protecting data via redundancy.

RAID 5 is a commonly used level of redundancy for both home and business users alike, the data is striped across the storage disks which vary depending on the usage.

Clients using this system are usually very shocked when it fails, as terms such as ‘we thought RAID was bomb proof’ are used when presented with a data outage.

If a RAID 5 fails, there usually is an option to rebuild the data, that is to say a failed disk can be removed and a good replacement HDD is installed in it place, and a rebuild takes place, it will leave the system in degraded mode and will hit performance, i.e. slower read and write cycles will be evident, during a rebuild it is recommended that the RAID not be used until completion, which can several hours to many days depending on the configuration.

It has been observed that sometimes more than one disk can fail, thus a rebuild is not possible.

Our labs are experts at RAID 5 recovery services, and have been completing such works for the last 15 years with a very high degree of success.




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