Data Dust

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What is data dust?

Well, its not really a technical term as you might have guessed by the title, it’s what might happen to your information stored on your hard disk if you have a head crash and leave the device running for some considerable time.

If you look at the photo you can see all three platters of a Samsung hard drive that was sent in for recovery, the platters are made of glass (Substrate) and the data, which was on the surface and now is non existent or is now in the form of ‘dust’ and can be seen all around inside the disk enclosure and in the filter, it is quite rare to see such destruction of all platters completely devoid of data, or to more precise the magnetic film which once covered the platter surfaces, and in case you might think is it recoverable? absolutely no way!


It is difficult to give exact time frames as to how long this might have taken, but in our opinion many days, or possibly weeks, during which tome the drive would have been making very strange noises, perhaps the user heard this and ignored it, hoping that the disk would come ready somehow? Never run a noisy disk, shut down and contact the lab for assistance.



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