Beeping hard drive

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Is your hard drive making a beeping noise? Chances are that if you have landed on this page it is.

A beeping hard drive is an indication that the spindle motor is attempting to spin the platters up, however it is unable to due to some physical issue, these issues are;

  • Seized motor / spindle bearings
  • Head crash / stiction

The first issue, namely a seized spindle bearing is a serious failure and generally requires a platter swap / exchange to a donor hard drive, this is a very challenging procedure, there are however certain tools which attempt to free up the spindle.

Our labs would always attempt a platter swap as this is tried tested and proven in many models with a high degree of success.

Rotational alignment must be preserved when attempting a platter swap, because any movement can cause serious issues, and often will result in a non recoverable condition, our tools and procedures lock the platters together to minimize this risk.

A head crash is a somewhat general term, the HSA or head stack assembly literally flies above the platter surfaces and so it has a relatively short space to accidentally come into contact with the disk surface.

This can cause damage to the disk surface or platters, and heads, usually this will result in concentric rings which are clearly visible when the drive has been examined in our clean room environment, the heads then remain stuck on the platters and stopping rotation of the motor, thus the HDD emits a beeping noise.

Client do contact our labs with beeping hard drives, and sometimes they follow online instructions, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!

Opening a hard disk in non clean room conditions can destroy any chances of data recovery.

Contact the team today regarding your failed media, we will be glad to assist you further.


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