Seagate Technology PLC, herein Seagate, is a data storage company which was incorporated in 1978, from this time until now it was incorporated in Dublin, the form factor back in the day was 5.25″ with a 5 megabyte storage capacity.

Seagate have consistently been the largest manufacture of disk drives, and as such our labs receive this brand of disk for recovery.

Such failures we have noticed can be clicking, not detected, not spinning up, these failures can be caused by a range of issues, such as, virus damage, to clients dropping their drives, malware issues, logical destruction, firmware issues, to fire and water damage, in all such cases our engineers recover data from Seagate hard disks.

So whether you have a desktop, laptop, or server NAS RAID Seagate data loss issue we are sure that our engineers will be able to assist you further.

Perhaps you drive has suffered from wear and tear and has now slowed down to a crawl speed, and you are unable to use the disk either to store or retrieve your data? Our facility can handle this no problem.

Xytron was incorporated in 2004 and have recovered data from thousands of clients and from a plethora of situations, some notable failures were fire damage during the 2011 riots, to a client dropping their media in the Norwegian sea, both disks were recovered.

Do not attempt recovery of your drive yourself, there are a number of videos online that seem to offer help, however many are incorrect in their advice and can damage your disk further, please contact our labs to assist you further.

If you can hear your disk making a clicking or ticking noise this would be a good indication that your head stack assembly has failed, please do not open your drive ‘just to have a look’, this will compound the potential recovery further and possibly make your case unrecoverable.